IT Review & Assurance

CIOVantage helps organisations determine whether their IT function and projects are delivering best value. We ascertain whether they are correctly structured and governed to achieve what you need as a public organisation.

By reviewing your IT function and your current or planned IT and change projects we answer these questions for you, advising and helping with any action that may be required.

We have exceptional stakeholder management skills. If your relationships with IT suppliers (including outsource partners) or between the IT function and other departments are not working well we can advise on a plan and help get things back on track.

Strategy & Change

CIOVantage helps organisations check that their IT strategy supports their overall strategy and objectives. If you don’t have an IT strategy, we can develop one with you.

Our consultants also help identify where IT and change projects are required and what they should be, and then help specify and build these, with accurately defined benefits and outcomes.

To help maintain ongoing strategic IT oversight or to keep your IT suppliers in check, CIOVantage offers “virtual CIO” and “intelligent client” services which can be structured on an ad-hoc or regular but part-time basis that suits the requirements and budget of your organisation.

Programme Delivery

Our interim programme managers have experience of delivering a range of portfolios, programmes and projects in the public sector. We hit the ground running to ensure you get best value from day one, identifying any issues and quickly developing plans to deal with them.

With a focus on transparency, we utilise programme governance and reporting models that give you clarity and confidence over progress. We also develop communications strategies to support and deliver sustainable change.

Where programmes are failing our interim managers will identify the root cause and put in place solutions that deliver the best possible outcomes.

Flexible IT director and senior consulting expertise to help you deliver value for the public sector