IT Review & Assurance

Small and medium sized company boards can feel disconnected from their IT functions, unsure about how effective their IT operations are and whether they are getting value for money. CIOVantage consultants review and help provide independent assurance around how IT is structured and governed, and make recommendations for improvements where needed.

We also recommend and help put in place improved communication and reporting between IT and the board to achieve greater transparency and build confidence that help make businesses more successful.

Getting best value from your IT suppliers, including outsourced IT services, depends on having excellent, balanced supplier relationships. CIOVantage is experienced at building, reviewing and fixing relationships to foster best value and cooperation between stakeholders.

Strategy & Change

An IT strategy that is closely aligned with your business strategy is critical for effective delivery of your business objectives. CIOVantage helps companies to build strong alignment, proposing adjustments to the IT strategy where needed.

Where no IT strategy exists, we can work with you to put one in place.

CIOVantage consultants also work with companies to identify and build change and IT projects, taking them from start to finish, including business case development, specification and implementation.

Use of an ad-hoc or part-time CIOVantage “virtual CIO” or “intelligent client” can be a cost-effective way to give you continued assurance and transparency around IT operations, and serve as a bridge between the board and the IT function.

Programme Delivery

For large or small projects and programmes, CIOVantage interim managers quickly provide high quality management that helps deliver programmes on time and on budget, maximising the benefits.

Employing established methods for governance and reporting and by putting in place strong communication strategies, our interim managers will give you the level of transparency and control over projects and change programmes that you need. You can be sure of effective and sustainable outcomes and benefits being delivered.

Whether brought in at the start of the project, or part way through a programme, our interim managers are quickly up to speed, even when working with multi-supplier, multi-site teams. They check programme health, and identify potential or existing issues, deploying approaches that get and keep things on track.

Flexible IT director and senior consulting expertise for private sector organisations